Joseph Grant Barbour///Artist Statement:


We, the audience, receive unconscious reinforcement of the thesis that the most significant feature of persons is watchablenessand that contemporary human worth is not just isomorphic but rooted in the phenomenon of watching. Precious distinctions between truly being and merely appearing get obfuscated.”

-Excerpt from David Foster  Wallace’s essay,  Fictional Futures and the Conspicuously Young



I am a queer artist.

My work is about detachment and isolation.

I am interested in the psycho-sexual development of  both homosexual and heterosexual men.

In both cases, expressing feminine characteristics at a young age are generally admonished by peers, family, and American society at large.

I like reading about witch hunts, the KKK, the history of the Catholic church, and religious extremists in the contemporary context.

I am interested in the commodification of eroticism through social media.

I am interested in how sex has generally been viewed as transgression of the corporal form, but now could be compared to glorified masturbation.

I like sausages and looking at diagrams of intestinal tracts.

I am interested in how internalized feelings of shame and guilt have lead to detachment within erotic acts in the homosexual male community.

I am interested in how feelings of emasculation and incompetence have started a lot of wars and conquests.

I like cartoons.

When I was 9, I had AML leukemia and would watch cartoons nonstop in between vomiting, chemo, and being unconscious.

I like to swim.

I like being underwater.



Joseph Grant Barbour  is an artist that uses drawing as the basis for all of his work, but he also works in painting, printmaking, sculpture, and stop-motion animation.